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ICB (Internet Citizen's Band) is an Internet teleconferencing program that uses a client-server model to allow users across the Internet to communicate with each other.

If you have any additions, suggestions, comments, questions, or corrections, please let me know. if you have a client or server not listed here, please send me (nick sl'lee, default.icb.net) a /write so you can be added.

If you are interested in writing your own client, you can view the V1 protocol specifications here.

4/23/04: initial proof of concept work done on a new v2 XML-based protocol available here with flash client

Other Resources

Icb History

John Rudd's historical first icb site

Current ICB Servers
  You can pick up the current list of available ICB servers at ftp://ftp.icb.net/pub/icb/servers. If you'd like your server added to this list (and listed with a CNAME in icb.net), send a /write to sl'lee (default.icb.net).  
Description Platform(s) Contact Download
The latest most commonly used client.
UNIX hoche@grok.com Web site
Android ICB
An Android client.
Android hoche@grok.com Web site
An IOS client.
IOS scirocco6 Web site
Feature-rich, curses-based threaded client written in Perl.
Requirements: perl 5.6 with ithreads support, available here
Any that support Perl w/ ithreads alaric@caerllewys.net Web site
Unix ICB "Classic" Client
The old classic, tweaked by Eric Lechner, and then Jon Luini, and then Jon Luini and Michel Hoche-Mong. No further development on this client is expected (but happens sometimes anyways).
UNIX falcon@chimeinteractive.com UNIX source
Python ICB Client
Should run on anything that has python. Requirements: python w/ termios compiled in, available here
UNIX, Win95, Mac zenomt@zenomt.com Python
An ICB client written as a platform-independant Java application.
All which support Java kamikaze@kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu Web site
Anduin Withers' Windows client.
Win95/NT awithers@anduin.com Web site
ttk's client.
Unix ttk@andansbutt.org web site
traditional unix ircII client with icb support.
UNIX, cygwin32 ircii@eterna.com.au FTP site
IRC -> ICB proxy server
UNIX daniel@benzedrine.cx Web site
IRC client with ICB plugin
UNIX webmaster@irssi.org Web Sites: IRSSI & ICB plugin
Description Platform(s) Contact Download
Server 1.2c (aug 23, 2000)
Latest public version of the main server code. This used to be the chime & evolve release but was changed to just be the default with no special name. Many bugs have been fixed from Darkside version and a number of features added.

Originally based on Darkside Server version 1.3.221 (1995).

FTP CVS Snapshot (updated nightly at 2am)

Most UNIX varients. Verified on FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris 2. sl'lee (default.icb.net) icbd-latest.tgz

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