About the creation of the
ICB Homepage.

This document was written by John Rudd. The icons were also created by him with the Icon Builder application for Nextstep 3.2, and then converted from tiff to gif formats using OmniImage.app (also for Nextstep). The large icon is based on the IBC Root Beer logo on the side of the bottle. The small icon is based on the ICB buttons distributed by John Atwood Devries. The html files themselves were written by hand.

Some of the information contained was obtained from the ICB FAQ document written by Katrina Werpetinski, and some from other ICB users. My thanks to these people.

Special thanks to Qarin Van Brink, Tim Garlick, and everyone at echo for giving the ICB Homepage a home. Also, to Rich Dellaripa for double checking some of my links, and the 'see who is on' feature. Also, thanks to Mark Reed for his perl script that html-izes the ICB-FAQ.

I also wish to thank Sean Casey for creating Forumnet, and John Devries for resurecting it in the form of ICB (and thus rescuing us from IRC).

The title image was scanned from an IBC Root Beer carton, modified and edited for ICB. This image is used without the knowlege nor consent of the makers/owners of IBC. It is not intended to rob them of their product, logo, nor anything else. Nor does it imply any sort of relationship between their company or product and this system.

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