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This document will pretty much be limited to linking homepages of ICB groups and users. In the past, GIF images of ICB users were available via anonymous ftp. Because of the distributed nature of the World Wide Web, I have decided not to include them here. If a user wishes to have a picture of themself or their pet, or whatever, on the net, they should put it in their homepage. I'll gladly include that here. The GIF images of ICB users can be retrieved from the icb-social mailing list archive.

ICB Users

Enter the nickname of the ICB user whose nickname you wish to find. This process supports Perl regular expressions. The Search is not case sensitive (ie. if you say "kzin", it will match "KZIN", "kZin", etc). You will be given a list of nicknames that match the nickname you entered. Just click on the ICB button next to the nickname.

You can use ".?" to match a single character (similar to the unix ? wildcard), and ".*" to match any length of characters (similar to the unix * wildcard).

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Browse the Nicknames by first character (in case your browser doesn't support forms).
How to get your home page added to this system.

ICB Birthday List

Also, CheX is compiling and maintaining a list of birthdays of ICB users.

[Button] Birthdays

ICB Groups (houses and organizations related to ICB)

[Button]The Abyss/Babylon Project

[Button]The Antfarm

[Button]The Armory


[Button]Echo (the House)

[Button]The Marshmallow Peanut Circus

[Button]The Resort

[Button]The Thinktank

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