A Brief Introduction to Majordomo

Majordomo Sites for ICB

The only majordomo site you will need to know about for ICB is:

General Majordomo Help

Majordomo is a mailing list server that can also be used to store and retrieve archives related to the mailing lists. For information on Majordomo, you can send a majordomo server mail with a message body "help".


To subscribe to a list at a majordomo site, send it mail with a message body "subscribe " (ex: subscribe icb-social ).

List of files in an Archive

To get a list of files archived for a mailing list, send a message with the body "index ".

Retrieving files from an Archive

To retrieve a file send a message with the body "get ". You can have multiple lines per message (one for each file), but you may not use wildcards. Thus, you must explicitly type each filename as a full name (ex: get icb-programmers icb-5.0.8/icb-5.0.8.tar.gz.uu.xaa).

In each case, the majordomo server will send your reply in email.

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